Therapeutic Exercises

Video 1: Plantar release with brick
Video 2 Feet: Plantar release with a ball
Video 3 Hamstring Stretch
(floor and belt)
Video 4 Gluteus sitting on a chair
Video 5 Gluteus with chair and a bolster (pillow)
Video 6 Gluteus back on the floor
Video 7: Hips warm up and stabilization
Video 10 Knee Stabilization using the floor
Video 9 Knee stabilization
at the wall
Video 10: Shoulder’s warm up and stretches (intermediate)
Video 11: Shoulder Stretch
at the wall
Video 12: Hands and wrists
Video 13: Trapezius (sitting)
Video 14: Trapezius
Video 15: Neck Exercises (sitting)
Video 16: Chest , Upper Back , Diaphragm
Video 17: Chest, Upper back Diaphragm
Video 18: Abdominal Wall
Hatha Yoga Middle back
Hatha Yoga Upper back
Video 19 Hamstrings with chair and belt