Marc MarinMarc Marin
19:38 23 Sep 22
Claudia is an excellent osteopath! She managed to relieve foot pain that I have had for at least fifteen years as well as other areas of my body that have been bothering me for quite a while. Highly recommend!
14:51 23 Sep 22
Wish I had found Claudia sooner!! I was suffering from some low back pain and traditional massage wasn’t helping. I stumbled upon Claudia while searching for another provider and I’m so happy I booked that first appointment. Claudia is professional and welcoming - took the time to listen to my issues, explained the osteo treatment and provided some practical tips for stretching and posture at home.I felt results immediately and can’t recommend osteopathy with Claudia enough!
Vivi Crisley GarnierVivi Crisley Garnier
21:14 13 Aug 22
The Osteopathic Treatment that Claudia has provided to me and my father was super beneficial.The pain on my arms completely disappeared after a few sessions.My father was dealing with a strong pain on his leg and feet, sequel of an inflammation on the medulla that he had in 2014. He had tried several treatments along the years but in 2022 after having 5 treatment sessions with Claudia his pain has reduced considerably and he recovered a lot of his balance while walking. I am amazed by the overall results.I truly recommend Claudia Osteopathic Services.Thank you very much Claudia for everything you have done for us. I will always be grateful for that.
Louise MarinLouise Marin
23:33 30 May 22
Three years ago, I suffered a concussion, and I was still experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders, head, and jaw. The only way that I found to relieve the tension and discomfort was monthly chiropractic visits. Unfortunately, the treatments only lasted three weeks so I was a slave to these appointments. I am happy to say that I am pain-free thanks to Claudia and no longer need monthly chiropractic treatments. Claudia provided me with much-needed relief and positively impacted my quality of life. Thank you, Claudia!
Gabriela SeguraGabriela Segura
00:27 16 Oct 21
My friend recommended Claudia and after spending several months with certain pains in my body, such as in the neck, and low waist. Also I felt that my body had lost the flexibility it used to have and began to feel stiffer as a result of hours of sitting, poor posture and little physical activity.Claudia knew how to understand all my problems and applying her knowledge, experience and movement techniques, she restored my body flexibility, the problem areas of pain had disappeared and I felt the person I had been before. After each session I felt more agile, renewed and with a lot of energy. I try to apply her advice at home through specific practices and keep myself moving.I totally recommend Claudia. Not only will she apply her knowledge of osteopathy but she will complement it with her years of experience in yoga, meditation, nutrition, natural techniques to restore the body, restoring the balance it needs and much more, making each session a unique experience.