Allow yourself to experience breathing techniques to deal with your anxiety and
Nurture self-cultivation through calm yoga poses

Having suffered from anxiety myself, I understand what you are going through so I decided to help others build up a tool kit to manage their own anxiety.

First, a bit about myself, I have been practising yoga for more that 25 years . The road that lead me to practice was my own anxiety and fears! Step by step I have been able to explore Yoga and Osteopathy as tools to transcend my fears and therefore, my own anxiety.

Second, let me share what I have learnt in my own journey . I am offering you a straight forward but nurturing course just for you!!

What to expect?

Improve your breathing.

Eliminate the feeling of abdominal or chest blockage.

Improve blood circulation.

Unlock the movement of those areas that were in tension.

Repair possible injuries and muscle contractures.

Mental well-being and relaxation.

If you suffer from anxiety do not think about it anymore. You have nothing to lose, come and try. Email me for details !!